What I Hope to Achieve in the Media Industry

My objectives and reasons for study in the media industry is to get into radio. I want to get into radio because I hope that if I do well enough to be able to get into voice acting for cartoons and English dubs of anime. Also I want to use the knowledge I gain from this course to possibly work on air for radio in the future.

The roles that would help me reach this criteria in media would be talking on air for radio shows and doing voice acting in commercials if I am lucky. Radio is a business in media which revolves around using your voice and making sure you use it to express the emotions in the sound of your voice. I believe I have a great amount of potential to possibly achieve my goals. The types of organisations that would be might be interested would be ones that make animations or radio talks like nova or ABC. I have done different courses for radio before tafe and have developed a few skill from these courses that would give me opportunities to search for work in that specific area.

The skills you would need to developed in this area of media would be devolped vocal skills so you can have a clear voice and pronunciation and come up with your own voices for voice acting. Another skill that would be necessary for this area of work would be knowing how to work a radio panel for when you go on air so you can adjust sound and editing voice recordings for your work. That way you can get rid of any background noise and make your voice clearer as well.