Interview With Joey Moore

Joey Moore was the person I interviewed for my TAFE assessment. Joey gave me her history of how she got into voice over work and the experiences she’s had with it in other parts of her work history. She gave me some advice of how to get started in voice acting and any particular areas of that field of work.

Joey told me about the history of how she first started when she lived in Adelaide. When she lived there she learnt many different accents from people in town because there were many people who had immigrated to Australia from another country. Joey told me about how she liked acting and singing which she said was more therapeutic. Then when she was nineteen in university where she was doing these voices for characters she was asked by a man if she could come to his radio station and do some voice overs for some characters. Joey didn’t know about voice over work when she was asked but when she did it she absolutely loved it. She even told me about how later on her career in voice acting would lead to her providing the voice for the Optus service voice message and many other roles. One of the things she told me that she liked about her job was she meets many interesting people and how fun it is to come up with the voices for the jobs she does.

Joey gave me some advice about if I want to get into voice acting and it is some good advice in my opinion. She said to me that if I have a passion for something I should invest myself in what I love while I’m young and see if I can make a career out of it. She also told me about I might need to go through a bit of experience in other areas before I can find my particular field in that area of work. Also I was told that since I’ve got a smartphone I can do plenty of recordings each day to practice and hear what you sound like. I was told another good thing to do when practicing is making my own scripts and get used to reading them aloud so that you also get used to hearing the sound of your own voice. She also suggested to me that I make voice demos to send to people who need voices for projects such as video games or even web animations.

Joey even told about some of her most bizarre jobs in voice over work which included where she had to record a commercial underwater when she didn’t sound like she was speaking underwater. Another funny commercial she had recorded was that when they were they had to hire a camera man to take some photos for the recording. The funny thing is that the camera man only needed to take only a few photos of the microphone and gets paid two-hundred and fifty dollars an hour and he didn’t even need to stay the whole hour. Those were some pretty memorable jobs she told me I honestly think that those kind of jobs are funny and bizarre but also fun.

In conclusion this interview with Joey was a really fun interview. As I interviewed her I learnt there are some important things to be able to get into voice over work such as to take action by sending my voice demos to many people who need someone to provide voices for their projects. So as conclude my report I learnt that you need to take action and put effort into getting into voice acting and I can’t just wait for it to come to me.


Talk About The Future

Here is an audio talk about the future I did with my classmates for a TAFE assessment hope you enjoy it.

What I Hope to Achieve in the Media Industry

My objectives and reasons for study in the media industry is to get into radio. I want to get into radio because I hope that if I do well enough to be able to get into voice acting for cartoons and English dubs of anime. Also I want to use the knowledge I gain from this course to possibly work on air for radio in the future.

The roles that would help me reach this criteria in media would be talking on air for radio shows and doing voice acting in commercials if I am lucky. Radio is a business in media which revolves around using your voice and making sure you use it to express the emotions in the sound of your voice. I believe I have a great amount of potential to possibly achieve my goals. The types of organisations that would be might be interested would be ones that make animations or radio talks like nova or ABC. I have done different courses for radio before tafe and have developed a few skill from these courses that would give me opportunities to search for work in that specific area.

The skills you would need to developed in this area of media would be devolped vocal skills so you can have a clear voice and pronunciation and come up with your own voices for voice acting. Another skill that would be necessary for this area of work would be knowing how to work a radio panel for when you go on air so you can adjust sound and editing voice recordings for your work. That way you can get rid of any background noise and make your voice clearer as well.