New Pokemon Games Announced

To all you Pokemon fans I’m sure you must know about the new games that were announced yesterday. Well I’m sure you must know about the Pokken Tournament that was released on the Wii U because it has been announced that a new version called Pokken Tournament DX (Deluxe) which will be released September 22. On that same date it was announced that Pokemon Gold and Silver are being released on the Nintendo eShop. Which means fans can replay another classic of the Pokemon game series.

Finally the newest instalment in the main Pokemon games. The new games named are called Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon these new games have been announced to be released on November 17. It is said that the new games will have an alternate story told of what happened in the original Pokemon Sun and Moon games. I think that these new games are going to be a sequel of Sun and Moon like how Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 were sequels to Pokemon Black and White.

So to all Pokemon fans reading this I bet you can’t wait for more news for these new games like me. So I bid you all farewell and come back soon.


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