Blog Post #5

That week I talked about how the manga series “Hunter X Hunter” was resuming after being on hiatus for a couple of years.

Then I made a review of an anime I like called “Devil Survivor 2”. I talked about why I liked and why I thought people should give it a watch. ¬†also admitted that it wasn’t perfect but was still something to give a watch where I pointed out that it’s pros far outweighed their cons.

Blog Post #4

This Post talks about how I worked on an interview i had done for an assessment. The interview was done with the manager of a community radio station at Waitara called Triple H Radio. The interview involved me asking Rod the station manager how he got into his job.

The next voice recordings was a mixdown of interviews I did with two of my classmates. The recording was talking to people about what they thought the future would be like.

Blog Post #3

My third post on my site is a talk about what I hope to achieve in the media industry. It talks about why I chose to do this course and what is the job I’m wish to go using this course.

Blog Post #2

My second post is about the recent Death Note movie “Light Up the New World” were i describe the movie and suggest people give it a watch. I’m a fan of the Death Note series and I would definitely buy the movie on DVD if i have the chance.

Blog Post #1

My first post was about a announcement of a new Digimon game and I like their video games and was enthusiastic about right that news on my WordPress sight.

New Pokemon Games Announced

To all you Pokemon fans I’m sure you must know about the new games that were announced yesterday. Well I’m sure you must know about the Pokken Tournament that was released on the Wii U because it has been announced that a new version called Pokken Tournament DX (Deluxe) which will be released September 22. On that same date it was announced that Pokemon Gold and Silver are being released on the Nintendo eShop. Which means fans can replay another classic of the Pokemon game series.

Finally the newest instalment in the main Pokemon games. The new games named are called Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon these new games have been announced to be released on November 17. It is said that the new games will have an alternate story told of what happened in the original Pokemon Sun and Moon games. I think that these new games are going to be a sequel of Sun and Moon like how Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 were sequels to Pokemon Black and White.

So to all Pokemon fans reading this I bet you can’t wait for more news for these new games like me. So I bid you all farewell and come back soon.

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation Series Review

I’m sure you guys must know about the “Shin Megami Tensei” series by Atlus if not look it up it’s a good game franchise. Well you must also know about the Devil Survivor 2 anime that came out in 2013.

out of the phones of the people who also died in the accident they were in and they could summon demons from their phone to work with them. As they leave the area they encouneter a government group calp Jps ( prounounced jips) led by Yamato Hotsuin who are recruiting demon summoners like them to defeat the rogue demons.

The series follows the concept of the game where the main character Hibiki Kuze and his friends Daichi Shijima and Io Nitta are killed after they get a video of their deaths from this phone app called “Nicea” they are given the choice to continue living which they accept. The three then awake and find that demons are coming

While I admit the story of the game is longer and has a good amount of character development for the colourful cast, the anime itself is not bad and even gave Hibiki some character development that was not shown in the game. There was also some slight character change for one of the characters, Keita Wakui who they encounter on the second day or the third episode of the anime. This was rather violent and had a somewhat unpleasant character in the original game but was changed into a still distant but tsundere kind of character that still fit him. This slight change was better appreciated by fans of the original game who didn’t find his original game personality very appealing but liked how he was made into a more tsundere character.

So while I admit that there are quite a few things from the game that I wished they added to the anime it is still a decent series. One thing that was especially good about the anime was also it’s soundtrack. Especially the opening “Take Your Way” by livetune and the ending “Be” by Song Riders.

So in conclusion I believe that the anime is worth watching but that may depend on whether you have played the game first. I am saying that because some people complain how it’s not exactly like the original source material. But don’t listen to those haters and just see for yourself whether you like it or not.

My score for the anime is a 7.5 out of 10.

It’s a decent adaption of the game and it’s enjoyable to watch. But sometimes I think they could have done a bit more. But I still recommend it.

Hunter x Hunter Resumes

To all you fans of Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter you are in for a pleasant surprise. The series which was on an idefinite hiatus in 2014 has finally been announced to resume on June 26 after the author started feeling pain in his lower back. Also The manga’s 34th volume will be released the day it resumes so this something for you to look forward. It has also been announced that the series will be released in Viz Media’s english digital edition of Shonen Jump when Hunter x Hunter Resumes. So to all you Hunter x Hunter fans get ready and enjoy the series.